Laser Treatment

Best and Effective Cure

Laser devices emit light that transfers heat energy to the tissues and fungal cells it contacts.  The exact mechanism is still unknown, but it’s theorized that this heat energy produces an antifungal effect when absorbed by the fungal cells.

The light emitted by the laser is able to penetrate the entire toenail, reaching all portions of the thickened nail, including down to the nail bed.  This allows the laser to penetrate down to where topical or even oral medications struggle to reach.

Each specific type of laser differs slightly in the wavelength used, but they all rely on heat energy being transferred to the fungal cells, thereby helping to destroy those cells and eliminate the underlying infection.  For a strong antifungal effect to be produced, a slight warmth is likely to be felt.  This has no negative effect on the surrounding nail tissue.

When laser therapy is combined with the latest topical medications, this provides the best treatment option for toenail fungus, without the potential side effects of oral antifungal medications.